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Our Training Mission

We recognize that there are many researchers on (and off) the UIUC campus that need help analyzing their genetic data computationally and statistically. Our goal, in addition to offering consultation services, is to offer hands-on and practical bioinformatics workshops that are relevant and up-to-date. We hope these workshops will enhance graduate students, post-docs, and faculty's understanding of popular bioinformatics topics and skills such as Linux, R, RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, 16S micrombiome analysis, and more!

Explanation of workshop fees

The true cost to run bioinformatics-based workshops can range from hundreds to over a thousand dollars per attendee, but we strive to keep these costs low so that all UIUC students, post-docs and faculty can benefit from hands-on bioinformatics workshops to enhance their research. And thanks to the support of the OVCR (Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research) are now able to offer HPCBio workshops for nominal fees. If you have trouble with paying for the workshops due to unexpected circumstances, please let us know and we may be able to waive the fees. We also welcome attendees from outside of UIUC, but please keep in mind that there are additional charges for external attendees. We ask that non-UIUC attendees email us at to sign-up for a workshop rather than using the Eventbrite links.

What would you like to do?

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  • Find links to past workshops: Go here

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HPCBio Fall 2019 Workshop Schedule

  Day of the week
Semester Week Date(s) Time Wednesday Thursday Friday
2 Sept. 5-6 9am-4:30pm   DC for Genomics (pt. 1) DC for Genomics (pt. 2)
3 Sept. 13 9am-12:30pm     Microbial Profiling Analysis (pt. 1)
4 Sept. 20 9am-12:30pm     Microbial Profiling Analysis (pt. 2)
5 Sept. 27 9am-12:30pm     Microbial Profiling Analysis (pt. 3)
6 Oct. 4 9am-12:30pm     Microbial Profiling Analysis (pt. 4)
7 Oct. 9 & 11 9am-12:30pm Intro to Linux & Biocluster (pt. 1)   Intro to Linux & Biocluster (pt. 2)
8 Oct. 16 & 18 9am-12:30pm Intro to R & Bioconductor (pt. 1)   Intro to R & Bioconductor (pt. 2)
9 Oct. 25 9am-12:30pm     10X Single Cell RNA-Seq Introduction (pt. 1)
10 Nov. 1 9am-12:30pm     10X Single Cell RNA-Seq Analysis (pt. 2)
11 Nov. 8 9am-12:30pm     10X Single Cell RNA-Seq Analysis (pt. 3)
12 Nov. 15 9am-12:30pm     10X Single Cell RNA-Seq Analysis (pt. 4)

The above outlines the schedule for all of HPCBio's Fall workshops.