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HPCBio can help you increase your research productivity in several ways:

  • Planning your experiments

    If you are planning a new project, we can participate in the experimental design and make sure that the data that you will collect will allow you to efficiently answer the scientific questions that you are addressing. If you are entrusting your high-throughput experiments to other units of the Carver Biotechnology Center (e.g. the sequencing or functional genomics units), we will work closely with them to pick the optimal technology and experimental approaches for your project. There is no fee for this service.
  • Analyzing your data

    Once you have your experimental data in hand, we can perform a custom analysis using a mutually agreed strategy. We have extensive experience working with large sequence and hybridization-based datasets, and we have available a large palette of both public domain and proprietary software. Our fees are based on the volume of data to process, the estimated time required to analyze them, and the complexity of the project. They are calculated on a cost recovery basis; we do not make any profit working for you.

  • Collaborative research

    Sometimes you may want to develop a relationship that transcends the fee for service model. We are happy to get involved in your projects by submitting joint grant proposals, performing collaborative research, and writing joint papers. If you prefer keeping us in a service role, we will also provide letters of support for your grant proposals.

  • Do it yourself

    You prefer to analyze your data yourself? HPCBio sets up and maintains a high-performance computational infrastructure across campus that allows you to get your work done with a minimum of fuss. Software, public datasets, Web interfaces, backed-up storage, all the tools you need are available. Fees are based on computational resources (CPU, storage) actually used.

  • Training

    HPCBio organizes tutorials and workshops for students and faculty to learn how to take advantage of the computational resources offered on campus and elsewhere, and how to analyze their data using the latest bioinformatics techniques. A Web-based track is offered for casual users and a command-line track for those wishing to do more advanced work.

  • Consulting

    HPCBio scientists are available for individual consulting when needed. This could include e.g. providing help in using specific tools or workflows, small targeted tutorials for your research group, designing an optimal analytical workflow that you would implement yourself, etc. Consulting is charged by the hour, please inquire about our availability.

All work performed by HPCBio should be acknowledged in scholarly publications, posters, and presentations. Proper recognition allows us to measure the impact of our work and supports our initiatives in obtaining sponsored funding. In addition, any personnel who make a substantial intellectual or experimental contribution are deserving of further recognition as co-author.